Curiosity Knocks was created to help people from all walks of life gain the skills and knowledge to achieve their life and business goals. Tracey Larin first had the idea when she dedicated herself to share her experience with crisis intervention and had the goal to transform the female entrepreneurial industry. As she spread change and scaled the business to include helping anyone of all ages and backgrounds, she was later joined by key game changing business affiliates, who became a force within her business services. Together they combined their talents to take Curiosity knocks Inc. to be one of the most effective and influential coaching businesses in the market today.


Tracey Larin


Suite 1024 – 207 Bank Street

Ottawa, ON K2P 2N2

Founder/CEO – Introduction to Solutions Expert Tracey Larin

Tracey Larin is the Founder/CEO at Curiosity Knocks Inc., a Solutions Expert with the ability to pinpoint both areas that could cause crisis and areas that could boost results in personal or professional goals. As an expert, she has written a crisis intervention and preventative book while coaching and building programs using her gifts in the areas of behavioral observation and business mentoring.


Tracey is a mother of two and takes pride in spending time with her incredible sons. As a single mother, her sons have witnessed her work extremely hard at her full-time career while working additional jobs on the side and saving money to build the business one step at a time. Tracey’s entrepreneurial spirit is deep seeded and aligns with her convictions to teach and coach good hearted, integrity based, hardworking people. She has a message to share, experience to gift and love to spread.


Business Affiliates – Introduction to Solutions Experts within Curiosity Knocks.

Solutions Experts at Curiosity Knocks Inc. are trained to give business owners, entrepreneurs and motivated individuals a customized consulting plan to get results. Our business affiliates have five years’ experience as consultants within us and assist in leading our triage assessments. Our team analyzes our client’s circumstances, both corporate and individual, with a constant flow of honesty, passion and positive energy. Our Solution Experts joined us knowing that they felt in their hearts that their love and compassion to help good people get even greater with achieving their goals, needed to be combined with a well refined coaching style to motivate change.



Nana is a youth leader and is a young man with a decade of successful experience in life. He holds a diploma in business administration from, Kwame University of Science and Technology, in Ghana. Nana is passionate about the work that he does in his loving kingdom and concentrates his efforts by contributing his time and energy within his local church and those in his community surrounding him. Nana reaches out to those young persons who are still curious about their lives and are seeking for answers to solving their problems from within themselves.


His hopes are to reach young people in his surrounding communities of those that seem to live unfair lives, have been rejected, become orphans and those on the streets regardless of age. Nana believes that every pure and innocent human being must be treated with love and respect. He also believes in the power of receiving proper health and nutrition in order to gain educational knowledge. He has committed to becoming the youth leader of his church and runs a group of young persons which educates them on advanced life skills and crisis survival necessities.


Curiosity Knocks Inc. donates a percentage of our business proceeds to the church youth group in Ghana, to help relieve some of their young lives’ adversities and hardships. Our donations are used towards their youth groups learning supplies, uniforms and essential emergency nutritional needs. We are philanthropists and believe in giving to the less fortunate, we understand that we naturally receive back great loving energy for these young persons who are forever grateful. We get to experience receiving the joy of watching them grow and develop collectively as a group and individually.


If you wish to join our crusade in giving please donate below: Even if it is only 1 cent, anything helps them and is gratefully appreciated!


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