H.E.L.P. Program – Help. Every. Last. Parent

Gain Awareness and Change the Way You Look at Yourself and Your Teenager!

The quicker you listen and action your instincts, the better off your teenager will be! As parents and guardians, we know deep within when something is wrong with our teenagers. Learn the skills to get them realigned and grounded back to themselves!

 Curiosity Knocks 3 Star Solutions – Our system is designed to guide you through your own personal processes analyzing all aspects of your current challenges, choices and present changes that are necessary in shifting your teenager back to their true form and in the future development of their overall wellbeing.

It’s time for you to recognize the red flags presenting themselves to you!

We use our Triage Survey Check List to help us identify the exact Expert Solutions coaching that is necessary for us to shift you abruptly through yours and your teenager’s false cognitive illusions.

Your Challenges – What are the obstacles that you need to get over?

Your Choices – What decisions do you need to abruptly interrupt?

Your Changes – What actions are necessary to get you your teenager back on track and to their desired life Maps?

Has your teenager gone from connecting with you to suddenly shutting you out of their lives?

Is your teenager spinning out of control? Are you wondering where your child is and where they have emotionally gone?

Has your teenager abruptly changed in their personality and their actions are no longer representing what is true to their inner core values and true character form?

Learn simple therapeutic methods to shift your teenager out of their perceived pits in their precious and vulnerable minds!

Program Description

This program is designed to help you as the parent and/or guardian identify why your teenager is spinning out of control and is no longer behaving as their true character form. You will learn to identify what is happening to your teenager and why their behaviors are different in all of their environments.

We assist parents and/or guardians in identifying signs of possible trauma educed symptoms and common behaviors that teenagers tend to display when in crisis towards themselves or others. As a parent and/or guardian you will be fully awakened to complete awareness and will learn intentional planning of actions that create better results for reconnecting your teenager to themselves and ultimately back to you.

Our team of Solution Experts have designed this program to assist you in providing an intervention and prevention program to help yourself and your teenager get back to yourselves.